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If you are looking for the Best Electric Fireplace then you have come to the right place because we have reviewed 5 of the best.

Model Watts Dimensions Style Features Check Price
Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite Glass fronted electric fire

Best Electric Fireplace

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(2power selection)
100cm x 82.5cm x 27.9cm Elegantly styled Cream finished MDF fireplace LED lighting and Flame effect having amazingly realistic flame effect.
Full remote control with LCD display to turn the fire on and off, thermostatically control the room temperature, time to off control, 4 level brightness flame effect 12 colour mood lighting (2xAA batteries included.)
Best Electric Fireplace
Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton Freestanding Optiflame Electric Fireplace

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1000/2000W (2 power selection) 19.4 x 63.9 x 68.2 cm Freestanding design, black finish with brass effect fret and trim Flame effect can be used independently of heat source and Optiflame technology  Best Electric Fireplace
TruFlame 7 Colour Changing LED Wall Mounted Electric Fire With Pebble Effect

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900/1800W (2 power selection) 66 x 9 x 52 cm Wall mounted, arched gloss glass front, wall mount, 7 Colour side lit LEDS with TRUFLAME flame effect, pebble effect – remote controlled, amazing fittings Best Electric Fireplace
VonHaus 1850W Portable Electric Stove Heater Fireplace

Best Electric Fireplace

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925/1850W (2 power selection) 25 x 37 x 52 cm Elegant freestanding design with classic black finish with copper effect handles 2 heat settings, Realistic vivid log flame effect with variable flame brightness – use with heat or independently Best Electric Fireplace
HOMCOM Freestanding Electric FirePlace

Best Electric Fireplace

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900/1850W (2 power selection) 41.5 x 28 x 54.8 cm Freestanding design, made from iron with tempered glass door Two power selection, Thermostat control of optimum performance, Flame and wood burning effect, Adjustable brightness control, 30㎡ coverage area, Safety thermal cut off for protection, Stable fixing screws supplied, Vertical installation Best Electric Fireplace

Best Electric Fireplace

Best Electric FireplaceElectric fireplaces have become quite popular among home owners and home decorators, the reason being that they come in various sizes and shapes and are quite easy to operate. They also do not require maintenance like the classic ones which require actual burning of logs and a lot of cleaning. Think about that smoky smell that fills your room, especially when you have a partially clogged chimney. With electric fireplaces that is the least of your worries.

Electric fireplaces do the job they have been designed to do, which to “heat” your living spaces.

They come is sleek beautifully crafted designs which can be mounted on your walls like your flat screen TV, they also add some sophistication to your living space.

What I find really amazing about electric fireplaces is that many of them retain that classic look and feel of the non-electric “old school” fireplace; designers have added the sound features like the sound of wood burning to appeal to purist.

It is 2017 and your home should be fitted with one.

I am going to be reviewing 5 amazing electric fireplaces, however, there are hundreds of brands with different amazing designs, heat output, out features and prices in the market.

Are you looking for the coolest looking electric fireplace, or you just want to buy the one with the most heat and with realistic fire and burning effects? You are at the right place

Best Electric Fireplace – Considerations

Design & Fitting

The appearance of your electric fireplace is completely subjective and can only be determined by your taste and how you would want it look and enhance your living space. However, the quality of the design is one area that we can all have a general consensus. The ease by which you are able to fit your electric fireplace is also a very important aspect that you might want to pay a lot of attention to, having in mind the size and plan of your living space.

Heat Output

Apart from the amazing design your electric fireplace has, and how it gives your living space that facelift and adds that elegant ambience to it, you also want to be sure that it can provide you with the amount of heat that you require and deliver a good performance when it is needed.


The more recent electric fireplaces have been upgraded and fitted with more functionality in various forms, from new designs elements to features intended to make operating them easier, and also safety features. We will be touching on the various features and help you decide which is valuable to you and which extra features will be irrelevant to you.


The electric fireplace competition is quite tough with hundreds of brands slugging it out with designs and features, some brands have used price as a weapon to gain the highest market share. The market offers diversity such that there is the best electric fireplace that suits every budget.

Best Electric Fireplace – Top Rated

Best Electric Fireplace – Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite

Best Electric FireplaceDesign and Fitting

Arguably one of the best looking Electric Fireplaces in the market, The Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite is nothing short of sophistication and style and it adds a very modern look to your living space.

This is one piece that your living room is missing. With an extremely elegant design, and a  W 1000mm x H 825mm x D 279mm dimension build with front glass, a cream coloured finish and one of the most realistic flames in the market with an adjustable 4 level brightness.

We found this product extremely attractive and found the burning flame effect quite mesmerizing.

The Castleton comes with a 12 colour mood LED lighting system which is remote controlled, what we love about the LED lighting is the fact that you can time the colour mood to run through all colours, changing every 10seconds.

The Castleton is a true beauty that draws all the attention to itself. The Castleton is best fitted against the wall and you can install your flat screen TV right on top of it.

Heat Output

Blasting a maximum of 2000W power output, the Castleton Electric Fireplace can be adjusted between 1000W and 2000W depending on how warm you would like your space to be.


The Castleton Electric Fireplace comes with a multifunctional remote control with a LCD display, this is used to switch the flame effect on or off, adjust the brightness of the flame effect, control the heat levels, switch the LED colour lighting mood and set the timer. The body is built with MDF with a cream finish, this is responsible for its attractive and stylish look, and also the heaters operate quietly.

Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite – Positives

  • Has one of the best designs in the market
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Does way more than its price suggests
  • Comes with a multifunctional remote control
  • Has an adjustable LED lighting mood

Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite – Negatives

  • The flames can be switched on independently, but cannot be off when the heater is working.

Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite – What’s in the box?

  • 1 x MDF Castleton suite
  • 1x Castle Electric Fireplace
  • 1 x multifunctional LCD display remote control
  • 1 x Instruction booklet
  • 2x AA batteries

Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite – Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: W 1000mm x H 825mm x D 279mm
  • Manufacturer reference: 820-038
  • Material: MDF, glass
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Maximum Power: 2000 watts
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Cord Length: 1.70 metres
  • Coverage: 30㎡
  • Batteries Included? Yes (2x AA)
  • Batteries Required? Yes (LCD display remote control)

Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite – Setting Up

The MDF suite is supplied as Flat pack Easy Assembly with the electric fireplace component supplied separately and will have to be fitted into the suite. This requires vertical installation.

Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite – Conclusion

The Castleton Electric Fireplace is worth every penny of investment, it works perfectly fine, it is clean and smooth. I love the fact that you can literally change the look and feel of your entire living room with just this Electric Fireplace.

Best Electric Fireplace

Best Electric Fireplace – Best Selling

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton Freestanding Optiflame Electric Fire

Best Electric FireplaceDesign and Fitting

The Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton electric fireplace is a freestanding fireplace designed to fit flat against a wall. The Dimplex Cheriton has an amazing deep black finish and is fitted with trims and frets with a brass finish, which adds an elegant look to your home. What I find really interesting is that it comes with a real coal bed which adds to the authenticity of the fire effect. You do not just want an electric fireplace that can produce the right amount of heat, you also want them to look as realistic as possible, just like watching a real fireplace with logs burning. The Cheriton is super easy to set, takes only a few minutes from unboxing to completely setting up, this is due to the fact that they are being supplied assembled, ensuring that all the hassles of setting it and burying your heads in manuals that can be quite complicated and confusing have been removed.

Heat Output

The Dimplex Cheriton fireplace is makes use of the innovative Optiflame technology, which allows you to use it with the heat or just for its flame effect. I am indeed excited about this feature as it allows a whole lot of flexibility with usage; I can use it in the winter for its heat and flame effect, and also during the summer for its realistic flames. This product is just perfect for use round the year.


The Cheriton produces a maximum of 2kw power output, and is fitted with a two heat setting. It has an option for just the flame effect without the heat (Optiflame technology), which is one of its main feature. The fireplace comes with a real coal fuel bed for added authenticity of the flames.


The Dimplex Cheriton Electric Fireplace quite affordable and is great value for your money at £137.99 to £149.99. This is a good price for an elegantly styled electric fireplace produced by Dimple, a company with such a huge reputation for producing high quality fireplaces.

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton – Positives

  • Designed to fit flat against the wall , and does not require screwing it to the wall to enable stay in place
  • Has an option to use just the flame effect without heat
  • It is supplied assembled, hence, easy to set up.
  • Great value for money

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton – Negatives

  • The cheriton does not give out a massive amount of heat for a 2kw fireplace
  • The fans that work with the heater is a bit noisy
  • The brass fitting looked a bit unfinished not fully coated

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton – Whats in the box

  • 1 x CHT20
  • 1 x coal pack
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton – Product Details

  • Brand: Dimplex
  • Model Number: CHT20
  • Colour: Black/Brass
  • Item Weight: 15 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 19.4 x 63.9 x 68.2 cm
  • Power / Wattage: 2000 watts
  • Number of Speeds: 2
  • Special Features: Flame effect can be used independently of heat source and Optiflame technology

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton – Setting Up

Every unit is supplied assembled, and set up does not require much effort.

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton – Conclusion

The Dimplex Cheriton Electric Fireplce is an elegant product that matches it’s good looks with a great performance. If you are looking for the best electric fireplace that has great value at an affordable price, this is the perfect product for you.

Best Electric Fireplace

TruFlame 7 Colour Changing LED Wall Mounted Electric Fire

Design and Fitting

More electric fireplaces are coming with a number of added features to steal attention.

The TruFlame is an eye catching Electric Fireplace with 7 colour changing LED lights and a contemporary design.

This product is a gorgeous and vibrant wall mounted electric fireplace with LED lights fitted to its side, with a remote control you can change between the lights with 7 different colours from Orange to Vibrant Red to Lavender, Brilliant Blue, Rose Red, Soft Blue , and Pretty Pink. The colour selection has such a wide range that suits all kinds of you moods.

The Truflame has been designed such that the flame effect can be used independently of the heater, and also without the LED lights on which we find really amazing and a well thought out option. Truly one of its kind, the TruFlame is easy to set up on a flat wall using a wall bracket that comes with the package. This is the perfect product for a modern living space.

Heat Output

The TruFlame with a dimension of 66 x 9 x 52 cm has an adjustable heat output of between 900W and 1800W which can be adjusted on top of the electric fireplace or remote controlled.  Also importantly, the Truflame is fitted with a thermal safety device cut out to prevent excessive overheating.


The LED lights work independently of the heater and the flame effects, thereby allowing you quite a lot of freedom to determine how you would like to use it. The LED lights can be controlled remotely or via switches on the electric fire. I like the fact that the TruFlame is packed with a lot of versatile functions and just seems like a fun home addition.

TruFlame – Positives

  • Easy to set up and very user friendly
  • It is completely silent
  • LED lights can be used independently of the heater and the flame effects

TruFlame – Negatives

  • Can be quite noisy

TruFlame – What’s in the box

  • 1 x TruFlame Electric Fireplace
  • 1x wall bracket
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1x product manual

Truflame – Product details

  • Product Dimensions: 66 x 9 x 52 cm
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Maximum Power: 1800W
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Cord Length: 1.70 metres

Truflame – Setting up

The TruFlame is fitted to the wall using a wall bracket. Installation takes fewer than 15 minutes. The package comes with a well detailed manual.

Truflame – Conclusion

The Truflame is a fun product to have in your homes, it adds that sophisticated look to your living space and it’s probably the best electric fireplace to catch the attention of the more vibrant and young individuals.

Best Electric Fireplace

VonHaus 1850W Portable Electric Stove Heater Fireplace

Best Electric FireplaceDesign and Fitting

The stylish classic VonHaus 1850W Electric Fireplace will keep you warm in the cold months and will add a vintage look to your living space. This elegantly crafted Electric Fireplace comes in a black finish build fitted with copper coloured handles, and has a sturdy look and a majestic appearance. The Vonhaus was not designed to be used only during the cold months, with the option to use the flame effect independently; the VonHause is transformed into a decorative piece in your living space during the warmer months.

The freestanding design allows you to move it around the room, with a dimension of 25 x 37 x 52 cm, the VonHaus is not a bulky piece that will look out of place in a small living space.

The log burning effect is quite realistic, gives you almost the same look and feel of a real log burning vintage fireplace.

Heat Output

The VonHaus has an adjustable heat output range of 925W and 1850W, fitted with a thermostatic dial that can be used to adjust the ambient temperature of your living space. I like the VonHaus also comes with a thermostat that regulates the heat and will switch on or off in accordance with the room temperature. The VonHaus Electric Fireplace ensures safety and is a perfect addition to your homes and offices


One of the features that I really like is the option to use the heater and the flame effect independently of each other.

The VonHaus takes safety quite seriously and that is why every unit of this amazing electric fireplace comes with a safety thermal cut off device which prevents overheating and excessive temperatures. You get a 2 year warranty on this product, simply amazing!


Arguably the best budget electric fireplace in the market, the VonHaus is selling for £49.99 to £79.99, offers great value in exchange for your money.

VonHaus 1850W – Positives

  • Has a very reliable safety device feature
  • Set uptakes only about 5minutes
  • Value for your money
  • Freestanding and can easily be moved about
  • It runs smoothly and silently

VonHaus 1850W – Negatives

  • The fan tends to blow cold air when the heater is thermostatically cut off

VonHaus 1850W – What’s in the box

  • 1 x Vonhaus Electric Fireplace
  • 4x standing legs with 3 screws each
  • 1 x product manual

VonHaus 1850W – Setting up

It takes about 5 minutes to set up after unboxing. The only parts that will need to be assembled is the legs which come with 3 screws each. It is completely easy to set up. All that is left after attaching the legs is giving it a good wipe then plug it in and enjoy.

VonHaus 1850W – Product details

  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 37 x 52 cm
  • Material: Black finish, Copper effect handles
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Maximum Power: 1850 watts
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Cord Length: 1.70 metres
  • Coverage: 30㎡

VonHaus 1850W – Conclusion

The VonHause Electric Fireplace packs enough features for its price tag. With a 2year warranty this is absolutely a good bargain.

Best Electric Fireplace

HOMCOM Freestanding Electric Fire Place

Best Electric FireplaceDesign and Fitting

The HOMCOM Freestanding Electric Fireplace is well crafted and designed to feel and look like real vintage wood burning fireplace. This electric fireplace is quite sturdy considering the fact that it is made of iron, and is fitted with a tempered glass window and lovely gold handle and knobs. The design allows you to enjoy a lot of freedom with deciding where in your living space you would like to place it, be it in the corner or against a flat wall, the product just seems perfect. It adds a very rich artsy and vintage style to your space; it compliments your home and adds a very warm and calm ambience. With a dimension of just 41.5 x 28 x 54.8 cm, the HOMCOM Freestanding Electric Fireplace is not just a bulky heater that will take so much space, but a well-built classy piece.

Heat Output

The HOMCOM Freestanding Electric Fireplace boasts of an adjustable power output of 950w – 1850W with a 30㎡ coverage area, which we find quite reasonable considering its dimensions. The HOMCOM is fitted with a thermostat regulator for safety thermal cut off.


One feature which we find interesting is the flame brightness control function, this allows us to play around with the brightness of the flame in order to match whichever mood we are trying to achieve within our living space. Having a thermostat fitted is nice idea in as much as you can control the heat output, you want the fireplace to regulate so the heat does not build up and cause safety issues. The safety thermal cut off also comes in handy.

HOMCOM – Positives

  • Easy to assemble
  • Heats quite well
  • Makes little noise
  • Portable and easy to move about
  • Has a nice classy vintage style

HOMCOM – Negatives

  • The flap that hides all the controls can be quite tough to pull open as the magnets that keeps it in place seem quite strong, also it pulls the flap shut a little bit too hard which makes a loud noise
  • I have seen much more realistic flames

HOMCOM – What’s in the box?

  • 1 x HOMCOM Electric Fireplace
  • 4 leg stands
  • Stable fixing screws
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

HOMCOM – Product details

  • Product Dimensions: 41.5 x 28 x 54.8 cm
  • Manufacturer reference: 820-038
  • Material: Tempered glass, iron
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Maximum Power: 1850 watts
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Cord Length: 1.70 metres
  • Coverage: 30㎡
  • Batteries Included?     No
  • Batteries Required?    No

HOMCOM – Setting Up

Vertically installed, and does not require much effort. The electric fireplace is supplied with stable fixing screws.

HOMCOM – Conclusion

If you are looking for a home fitting that adds a nice vintage look and keeps you warm in the winter season, The HOMCOM Electric Fireplace is a worthy choice.

Best Electric Fireplace

Best Electric Fireplace – Best Of The Best

Best Electric FireplaceWe know you are looking for the best electric fireplace and any of these 5 could be the right fireplace for you but when we looked at all of them we decided that the best electric fireplace overall was the Castleton Electric Fireplace