Best Beard Trimmer

Best Beard Trimmer


If you are looking to buy the best beard trimmer, then have a read of this guide as we take a look at the best around.

Model Image Design Power Features Waterproof Run Time Length Settings Warranty Read Full Review Score Check Price
Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520/30 Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver (14-Length Comb)  Best Beard Trimmer Ergonomic Li-ion rechargeable battery Unique OneBlade technology, digital display, Dual protection, Yes  90 mins  14 lengths  2 years Read Full Review 8.4  Best Beard Trimmer
Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Hair, Beard and Moustache Trimmer Set


 Best Beard Trimmer Ergonomic Li-ion Rechargeable/ AC cord Precision ground high carbon blades, 3 fixed combs, adjustable comb  No 60 mins 6 lengths 1.5 – 1.3mm  2 years Read Full Review 7.8  Best Beard Trimmer
Remington Barba Beard Trimmer   Ergonomic Li-ion Rechargeable/ AC cord Easy view window, adjustment wheel, pop-up trimmer, ceramic coated blades  No  40 mins 6 length settings, 1.5–18 mm  2 years Read Full Review 8.8  Best Beard Trimmer

Babyliss for Men Super stubble and Trimmer 7898U


Best Beard Trimmer Ergonomic Li-ion rechargeable battery 100% water resistant, LED display, 24 ultra-exact length settings, floating contouring head..  Yes  60 mins 24 length settings, 0.4–5 mm  2 years Read Full Review 8.0  Best Beard Trimmer
Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer BT9280/33  Best Beard Trimmer Ergonomic  Li-ion rechargeable battery Laser guided, zoom wheel on handle, 17 lock in length settings, water resistant, LED indicators  Yes  60 mins 17 lock in length settings  2 years Read Full Review 8.0  Best Beard Trimmer

Best Beard Trimmer

A man’s beard has always been a part of the body that represents masculinity at its best. Apart from building large muscles and looking intimidating.

The beard is back in fashion, quite a number of celebrities and sportsmen have joined the current trend of growing a large beard or in some cases a well-trimmed neat looking beard.

However, some men still belong to the super clean shaven clan and have resisted every attempt by the beard clan to get them on board.

The men who grow large beards don’t always necessarily want to keep their beard large and unkempt, although some ladies find this rather attractive.

We have discovered that keeping and grooming your beard can come with some complications because you need to have the right approach, and most importantly the right equipment.

In order to pull off the right style of beard that will suit your face and personality, you need to invest in a good beard trimmer.

We have put together this informational piece on beard trimmers to help you build the knowledge required to make the right decisions when choosing the right one, also, we will review some of the best beard trimmers in the market.

A beard trimmer is a piece of equipment that allows you keep the length of your beard in check and also have control over the style and look.

Beard trimmers are completely different from electric shavers, in that they don’t remove the hairs that are close to your skin, therefore allowing you to have control over length adjustment.

These trimmers have been designed to give you total control to determine the level of cut as well as your styling preferences.

Beard trimmers are equipment that has been developed in the 21st century and have since been upgraded over the last few decades; new models now offer a wide range of features and convenience.  This equipment has made life much easier and convenient for men who are into beards.

There is such a wide range and variety of beard trimmers in the market as of today, with each brand offering more than the other in terms of features and convenience, these brands offer beard trimmers for all kinds of users from the budget trimmers to the high end trimmers, from basic designs to the more sophisticated designs for trendy users.  But the most important feature is the ease at which users can style their facial hair according to their preference.

Many of these devices come with clippers that allow users to choose the length of cut, or in some cases the devices come with inbuilt features that allow easy adjustment of the blade to the desired level for the preferred style and length. Beard trimmers come as battery powered (some are Rechargeable) while others will need to be plugged to a power source, some trimmers use both battery power and a power outlet.

The beard trimmer has become one of the devices that every bearded man must have. This device styles your beard with much more precision than the traditional scissors and having knives. Trimmers ensure that you your beard is maintained in just about the right proportions. Many beard trimmers come with attachments to allow some adaptability to various types of facial hair. Some of these devices come with a vacuum feature that keeps the styling and trimming job neat without having hair falling all over the place.  It is important that you understand all the features that these devices come with so you can make the right decision when choosing a beard trimmer.

Rechargeable beard trimmers

We recommend that you pay attention to how your beard trimmer is being powered, that is, check if the device has options to use batteries and if they can be recharged, how long the batteries will take to charge. A rechargeable beard trimmer allows you to carry them along in your travels without having to worry about power outlets; trimmers that come with rechargeable features are usually compact and will fit easily in your bag.

Cordless Beard Trimmer

When it comes to convenience, cordless beard trimmers are at the top of the list. A cordless beard trimmer allows you shave virtually anywhere, in your hotel, car and other places where you find the need to get a quick trim. Tangled cords become the least of your worries, who likes to sort out cords every time? , you also do not want to worry about the distance between the power outlet and the mirror. But, when it comes to durability, beard trimmers that come with cords tend to last longer.

Waterproof beard trimmers

Not all beard trimmers in the market come with waterproof features. As a matter of fact, majority of the trimmers in the market are not waterproof. There are a few trimmers in the market that come with waterproof features, such trimmers tend to be priced much higher than others, as the waterproof feature allows them to be used under the shower or in the bathtub.

Quality Of Blades

It is important that you know the type of blade that your trimmer is fitted with, also confirm that it is rust-free and won’t get blunt in a short time. We recommend beard trimmers with stainless steel and titanium blades because they will not rust and collect corrosive substances on their surfaces.


You do not want your trimmer slipping out of your grip while in use- this could lead to injuries or a completely ruined beard. Great beard trimmers have an designed with comfort and ease of usage in mind. Details such as the position of the switch could make a huge difference in the experience that users have with the device. Another factor to consider is the weight of the trimmer, a heavy trimmer will most likely not give you the experience that you seek, a lighter trimmer will not burden your hands with so much as to find it quite difficult to control.

Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520/30 Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver Review

Not too many beard trimmers can boast of a revolutionary technology like the Philips OneBlade beard trimmer.

This device stands out in the pack with a stylish design and amazing features, with the OneBlade feature which allows users to trim and shave any length of hair by integrating a fast moving blade and a dual protection system.

The OneBlade is designed to keep your skin comfortable as it does not shave too close to your skin.

The Philips OneBlade comes with an adjustable comb with 14 length settings which allows for precision.

This beard trimmer can be used in both wet and dry shaves, it is completely water resistant which makes it the perfect beard trimmer.

You want to be able to shave with foam if that is your thing and run water on it to rinse it.

The blades are made to last for a long time, you are required to replace the blades every 4 months, this may also depend the frequency of use, but it is extremely easy to replace the blades.

The OneBlade comes with a Li-Ion rechargeable battery that delivers 90 minutes of performance.


  • the blades only need to be changed every 4 months
  • it is water resistant
  • it is perfect for edges


  • the blade heads have been found to snap on some of the trimmers
  • not perfect for clean shaves
  • several passes may be required to get the perfect length

Product Details

Dimensions: N/A
Grip: Ergonomic
Length Settings: 14 length settings from 0.4 – 10 mm
Combs: Beard, detail
Washable: Yes
Power: Lithion-ion battery, rechargeable (quick charge)
Run Time: 90 minutes
Warranty: Two years

What’s in the box?

1 x 14 length precision comb

1 x pouch

1 x charging stand


The Philips OneBlade is an amazing beard trimmer for travels and users who are always on the go. It is extremely compact and will fit easily in your travel bags. If you are looking for a nice looking trimmer with state of the art features, we recommend this product.

Wahl Groomsman 9916-1117 Review

Best Beard TrimmerThe Wahl Groomsman 9916-1117 is another addition to the Groomsman line. This beard trimming kit comes with all the basic functionalities that can be expected from a budget friendly trimmer, it has a compact design that allows for a good grip while getting your beard trimmed and styled. The Wahl works quite well with beards of different lengths and gives a good trim that will not cause irritations on your face.

The Wahl comes with an adjustable comb with six settings of lengths from 1.5 to 13mm, which gives a wide range of beard lengths that can be trimmed from stubbles to the long and thick. Included in the box are three fixed combs which can be changed for a more precise trim around the neck region and sideburns.

The whal gives a solid battery performance. When fully charged, this trimmer works for 60minutes and the power output is quite consistent throughout the battery’s life.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • One charge provides 60 minutes of trimming time
  • Rechargeable and cordless use


  • Can be quite noisy
  • The attachments do not fit perfectly and seem flimsy

Product Details

Dimensions: N/A
Grip: Ergonomic
Length Settings: 6 lengths (1.5-13 mm)
Combs: Beard,
Washable: no
Power: AC supply, Lithion-ion battery rechargeable
Run Time: 60 minutes
Warranty: Two years

What’s in the box?

1 X Rechargeable cordless trimmer
1 X Charger
3 X attachment combs
1 X Storage stand
1 X Moustache comb
1 X Clipper oil and cleaning brush


Based on price, the Wahl is a great beard trimmer. Frequent travellers will find this grooming kit quite useful due to its dual power options, the rechargeable battery provides 60 minutes of trimming time when fully charge. We recommend the Wahl Groomsmen trimmer if you are looking for a not-so-sophisticated budget grooming kit.

Remington Barba Beard Trimmer MB230C

Best Beard TrimmerIf you are looking for a very effective beard trimmer that offers quality performance, the Remington Barba Beard Trimmer is a product you need to take into consideration.

The Barba beard trimmer gives a good trim, be it a short beard or longer stubble, the Remington Barba does a really good job.

One amazing feature that comes with this trimmer is the easy view window which allows you to easily choose the length setting of your choice.

The Remington Barba offers two power options for a more dynamic use, comes with rechargeable batteries and a detachable cord for use with a power outlet.

The Barba can be used for 40mins when fully charged (which takes about 16hours), so it is a great idea that it comes with a cord so you do not have to wait for 16hours in order to get back into trimming.

One feature that sets the Barba trimmer apart is its ceramic coated blades which keep its operation clean, smooth, and effective.

The ergonomic design prevents the trimmer from slipping off your grip while you are trying to get that perfect style, and also allows easy manoeuvrability and control.

Fitted with a zoom wheel, the Barba’s 9-length feature can be adjusted and ‘locked in’ to achieve a high level of precision and even trim.

Take advantage of the pop-up trimmer to get a more detailed trim around your chin and sideburns.


  • Quite easy to use
  • The adjustment wheel well fitted and clicks easily
  • Great value for money
  • Allows firm grip and wont slip off easily


  • Heavy vibration creates some noise
  • The battery tends to become weak over a short period of usage
  • Take rather a long time to charge the batteries (16 hours)

Product Details

Dimensions: N/A
Grip: Ergonomic
Length Settings: 9 lengths (1.5-18 mm) for grades 0.5-4
Combs: Beard
Washable: no
Power: cord/cordless, Lithion-ion battery, rechargeable
Run Time: 40 minutes
Warranty: Two years

What’s in the box?

1 x Beard trimmer
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Adaptor
1 x Instruction booklet


The Remington Barba is gives a good performance for its price tag. Due to the fact that it takes such a long time to charge the batteries fully (16 hours), this might not be the perfect product for you if you are a frequent traveller.

Babyliss for Men Super stubble and Trimmer 7898U Review

Best Beard TrimmerThe Babyliss super stubble and Beard trimmer is redefines style and sophistication with its very sleek and attractive design. This trimmer is loaded with features that will catch the attention of every user. The first thing to notice when it is powered is its very bold LED display which indicates the battery levels and most importantly the length setting which has been chosen. The Babyliss 7898U comes with a 24 length setting that allows you to choose from 0.4 to 5mm using a motorized control. The Babyliss trimmer uses a Li-Ion battery which when fully charged (this takes up to 90 mins), will perform for 60 minutes. The trimmer can be used in both wet and dry conditions as it is 100 waterproof hence, making it 100% washable after use in the shower or by running water over it under a tap.


  • 24 length settings
  • Cuts precisely
  • Floating heads work perfectly
  • Can be charged for a short time before quick use


  • Does not come with a travel case
  • It is quite pricey

Product Details

Dimensions: N/A
Grip: Ergonomic
Length Settings: 24 lengths (0.4-5 mm)
Combs: Beard
Washable: yes
Power: Lithion-ion battery rechargeable
Run Time: 60 minutes
Warranty: Two years

What’s In The Box?

1 X Trimmer
1 X Charging stand
1 X Adaptor
1X small bottle of oil


If you are more concerned about how sophisticated and sleek your trimmer looks and an overall good performance, then you should consider the Babyliss stubble and beard trimmer with good features that gives you a quality grooming experience.

Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer Review

Best Beard TrimmerThe grooming equipment industry has seen all kinds of development and revolutionary tech upgrades over the years, but no one ever thought that beard trimmers would ever come fitted with lasers.

The Philips 9000 Series Laser Guided Beard Trimmer caught the attention of users all around the world when it first launched and drew a lot of curiosity as to how effective the laser guide would actually be.

The reality of what the laser feature of the trimmer began to dawn on many people who then accepted this as a whole new level in beard trimmer technology.

This laser guided trimmer was designed with users who want the cool and sophisticated looking devices, yes, even a beard trimmer.

The laser guide feature allows users to style their beard with increased precision. The trimmer comes with 17 length settings which can be adjusted using a zoom wheel on the handle, an LED display that shows you the setting you have chosen and also the battery level.

The Philips trimmer is waterproof therefore it can be used in wet and dry shaves, under the shower, and it can be cleaned by running water on it without any fear that it will get damaged, the blades are very sharp so you can be rest assured that you will not be developing any irritations when you groom your beard.

One important feature of the laser guided trimmer is that it is rechargeable and delivers a good performance for 60miutes when fully charged (which takes 60 minutes).


  • It is extremely easy to use
  • Very effective and useful features like the laser guide, its ergonomic design
  • The adjustable 17 length settings
  • All around quality design and structure.


  • Does not come with a carry case or bag

Product Details

Dimensions: N/A
Grip: Ergonomic
Length Settings: 17 lengths (0.4-7 mm)
Combs: Beard
Washable: yes
Power: AC supply, Lithion-ion battery rechargeable
Run Time: 60 minutes
Warranty: Two years

What’s in the box?

1 x Philips BT9280/33 handle
1 x beard comb
1 x detail comb
1 x cleaning brush
1 x user manual
2 year guarantee


The Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided trimmer is quite popular and does everything that it was designed to do. Though a bit pricey, the trimmer comes with amazing features that make it a great value purchase.